Prevent Further Cuts to Our Military

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Prevent Further Cuts to Our Military
America has sent Washington a loud and clear message: all government spending is on the table.  In response to that - the President and Congress agreed to a series of cuts in military spending.  Over the last three years those cuts equal $465 billion.  These cuts are going to force our military to cut wasteful spending, find efficiencies and do more with less – all while we are at war.

In that same budget deal - the President signed into law $1.2 trillion in cuts to our military and veterans.  Now, because the super committee in congress is unwilling to find reductions elsewhere in government spending – the budget is going to be balanced on the backs of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

You can help – below, click through to join our movement to send Washington a message – stand with the Coalition for the Common Defense by signing our petition and sending your representative in congress a message – support our troops.

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